By taking advantage of animation, sound, video, and solid software engineering, we will fully engage your customers for the purpose of selling your ideas, impressing your brands, and/or conveying your message.


We have harnessed our service offerings to provide a range of solutions for your business:

Interactive and Multimedia product presentations (CD-ROM & web-based)
Trade show presentations & kiosks
Virtual tours
Streaming video and audio
Online tutorials and elearning media
Interactive business web sites, including fully XML-based sites
Original audio composition/design and deployment
Online books and references
Corporate marketing collateral
Business Web/Email Hosting & system administration


Availing your business of the best talent is only one part of our methodology. Of equal importance is our experienced and creative project management team; the professionals that will ensure that your solution is delivered on time and within budget.

Each project is delivered without cost overruns and/or schedule delays, as long as the scope of the project remains as defined at contract start.

In addition to regular client reviews and updates, we provide detailed GANTT schedules, resource planning, and budgets. If we do a project on a time & materials basis, we will provide regular hourly reports.