What We Do

Our talented design and development teams build multimedia and web-based solutions for any business solution. More importantly, we bring top-notch project management that allows us to scale up for large jobs using external resources through our strategic alliances.

Specifically, we are a full service company with strengths in four general areas:

1. Business Services
  web conferencing, intranet portals, hosting, e-business

2. Web Design

  multimedia, Flash/rich media, HTML, graphic design
3. Web Development
  web applications, database functionality, security, scripting
4. Promotion
  site opitmization, search engine submissions, pay-per-click management

1. B U S I N E S S

This offering encompasses a number of key business solutions, all marked by our commitment to enterprise-level solutions at small to medium sized business (SME) budgets:

Web conferencing: using industry-leading servers from Lotus, IBM, Microsoft, and Dell, we provide both subscription-based monthly accounts, and/or dedicated web conferencing servers for your business.Leverage the power of the Web to cut your travel costs AND increase your firm's productivity, sales, and marketing impact.

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Corporate Intranet Portal: We leverage mature open source technology to bring massive return-on-investment to our clients, including: custom functionality, private messaging, chat, forums, news submissions, file uploads, etc., all administered on the web by non-technical client staff.

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Hosting: we provide a full range of hosting solutions, from virtual hosting to co-location. Our hosting services are targeted only at our web design /development customers, thus retaining personalized support, rather than the usual 5 tier customer "support" you would get at a regular hosting provider.

In spite of the niche targeting of our hosting services, we provide top-tier power redundancy, triple Internet pipes, and 99.9% uptime (.1% represents scheduled maintenance — usually between midnight and 4AM).

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e-Business Solutions : Turbine Media offers a complete spectrum of ecommerce solutions, from simple shopping cart to full-fledged, ASP web applications that provide complete accounting, inventory, sales, and CRM support.

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2. W E B

Turbine Media shines in this area. We have very strong graphic design and multimedia programming skills and outstanding creative talent. We create product presentations, kiosks, interactive applications and web projects in the following platforms:

Flash, Shockwave/Director: rich, sound-enriched animations and motion
Quicktime, AVIs, Streaming Video
WAVs, MP3s, MIDI, Streaming Audio
Navigation Interfaces
Corporate Logos
Web Banners
Animated GIFs
3D Graphics

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3. W E B D E V E L O P M E N T

We offer a complete web design methodology that analyzes your business and brand name image for translation to an effective and outstanding Web presentation. Our creative team of designers and developers works closely with you to develop visual design concepts that communicate the message of your company with riveting impact.

Information Design
Planning and Navigation
ASP, PERL, PHP, XML, Java, Javascript, Cold Fusion, C, C++
Database Integration:
MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Access
System Administration:
DNS, email, Apache, IIS, SSL, Linux, Win2K, Mac OS X

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4. P R O M O T I O N

Turbine Media provides in-house web site promotion services that use tried and true HTML metatags and search engine submission techniques. Promotion consulting services can either be custom developed for a business client or in three optimized packages geared towards small, medium, and enterprise businesses:

Basic service

Plus Service
Premium Service
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