Promote your Web Site

The fastest way to get your web address in front of millions of Internet users is to submit carefully crafted keywords that are associated with your business services or products to Internet search engines such as: Yahoo, Overture, Google, etc.

Web Promotion Packages:

Basic Service

Plus Service
Premium Service

Basic Service
Includes 1 search engine submission to 3 popular search engines.

Plus Service
Includes 3 search engine submission to 10 popular search engines. Includes search engine reviews to ensure listings have been recorded at search engines. Maintenance submissions will be provided to ensure listing.

Premium Service
Includes up to 70 search engine submission to 20 popular search engines. Includes all of the Plus Service offerings plus submissions to pay and free search engines -- pay search engines may require a separate fee ranging from $149 to $299 per search engine (Yahoo, Look Smart, and Alta Vista are examples of pay sites).

Premium service also includes key word analysis to determine how your keywords are ranking on top search engines. Metatag and keyword changes will also be made to optimize your listing based on search engine keyword rankings.

Promotion Components

Regardless of which package you pick, a promotion project will include three distinct phases:


Site Analysis

2 Competitive Positioning
3 Deployment and Maintenance

Phase 1: Site Analysis

At its roots, promoting a web site is akin to marketing a company in any other media. Advancing your company brand on the Web requires that Turbine Media is absolutely familiar with your company, it's products and services, and most especially, it's marketing goals as it pertains to the Web.

Tasks performed:

Determine your business' target audience
Determine your business' business model, service offerings, and product offerings
Generate list of keywords that customers may type to find your business on search engines
Generate HTML title tag and HTML description tag for site html, working closely with your business' marketing folks to ensure that these appropriately, but briefly, describe what your business is all about.
Review and amend web site marketing copy to include some of the more important keywords from the keyword list. Specifically examine all copy describing the company and/or it's products/services.
Review your business' web site structure in preparation for positioning phase

Phase 2 : Competitive Positioning

It is important to note that promoting a site is not merely about submissions to a search engine. The keyword submissions themselves must be relevant as they pertain to actual users, as well as to your business' competitors.

Tasks performed:

Analyze competitors' search engine positioning to check our keywords against competitors' choices.
Test keywords for ratings worthiness-essentially how popular is each keyword- in the context of your business' market place.
Generate list of keywords that customers may type to find your business on search engines

Amend the following based on the above analysis:

Keyword list
HTML title and description tags
Marketing copy on your business web site

Phase 3: Deployment and Maintenance

Phases 1 & 2 are considered setup phases, in that they only happen once at the beginning of a project. Phase 3 is ideally repeated multiple times per month (with the exception of initial subscription fees to search engines) to ensure maximum exposure for your business. This Phase 3 is only applicable to the Premium Service.

Tasks performed:

The two or three biggest search engines require a one-time installation fee (about $199 each). Turbine Media strongly recommends paying for these search engines. We cannot guarantee best results without these main search engines.
Perform search engine submissions to big 3 search engines.
Perform search engine submissions to free search engines.
Once your business is listed, Turbine Media follows up on the submissions by tracking and evaluating the keywords.
Make keyword adjustments and re-submissions based on tracking and evaluation.
Depending on whether there are issues with the site listings, daily submission may be required until the site is appropriately positioned.